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Top 10 Signs You May Need To Remodel Your Bathroom

bathroom interior remodelingFor some of us, we need a little inspiration to warrant a bathroom remodeling project. Here are 10 of the best reasons why people say it’s time for a change, and some suggestions on what to do.

1.       I am tired of cleaning (his/her) hair out of the sink

Double vanities can save many couples from a lot of unnecessary drama. If you and your significant other argue over who last used to sink and who should clean it up, it may be time for an upgrade

2.       My bathtub is not big enough

Most bathtubs are not made for soaking, they are designed for small children. If you love a relaxing soak in the tub, a soaking tub or a Jacuzzi might be in order.

3.       My makeup never looks right when I get to work

Poor lighting in a bathroom can make applying makeup very difficult.  Consider remodeling the bathroom to allow for more natural light.

4.       No matter what I do, my bathroom feels dirty

A bathroom that feels dim may always feel dirty. In addition to lighting, consider paint colors that will brighten up your bathroom.

5.       My toilet never flushes completely

The toilet is one of the most used features in a home. Having to flush it twice is not only annoying, but also not very cost effective. Consider purchasing a toilet that is comfortable and has perfect water pressure.

6.       I hate cleaning the bathtub

If the thought of bending over a bathtub makes you want to cry, it may be time for a shower stall. Shower stalls are perfect for people who prefer regular showers and not a lot of cleanup work.

7.       My bathroom has no storage space

Hardly anyone is able to store what they need in a medicine cabinet. If you find yourself carrying things in and out of the bathroom on a regular basis, it is probably time for a remodel.

8.       The floor has these spots that scratch my toes.

Although linoleum is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors, there are better options for bathroom flooring.

9.       My mirrors constantly fog.

Although you can purchase fogless mirrors, why not fix the problem at its root. Remodeling you bathroom to better diffuse steam will make your mirrors more usable and reduce mold and mildew build up.

10.   My bathroom is too small

A bathroom that is too small generally takes a little bit of creativity, because most people cannot simply make their bathrooms larger. With the right amount of storage, and perhaps a switch from a bathtub to a shower stall, you can make a very small bathroom into something more comfortable.