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Signs You Need A Bathroom Remodel

bath remodeling projectDoes your bathroom need to be remodeled?

Is there an excessive amount of grime building up that is difficult to remove with your standard cleanings?

Do you notice cracked tiles, outdated decor or discoloration?

It may be time to swap out that old bathroom for a new one. After all, the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in your house, and when it looks bad, it grosses people out.

Keep your family and guests happy with a brand new bathroom remodel. What are the signs that you may need your bathroom remodeled?


Your Sink

Check your sink to see if there are stains that don’t come out anymore. If there are areas of grout that have mold or discoloration it may be time to remodel your bathroom. These areas are difficult to clean and make your bathroom visually unattractive.


Your Toilet

The toilet is one of the toughest ways to determine if you need a bathroom remodel or not. All toilets generally look the same, so they don’t typically go out of style. They also are expected to look dirty and break on occasion. Clean your toilet from top to bottom and if there are still stains think about replacing your toilet. The best way to tell if you need a new toilet is when it has a mechanical failure or the flushing pressure is poor. If the toilet struggles to flush it may be time to think about a brand new toilet and overall bathroom redesign.


The Decor

Your guests, family and friends will most likely be the ones who explain to you that your bathroom decor is outdated. Towel holders, cabinets, mirrors and lighting fixtures are all a part of your bathroom ambiance. Your bathroom decor is what sets the mood when in the bathroom. If the lighting is gloomy and your towel holders are rusty this makes people feel uncomfortable. Get your guests to compliment on your nice bathroom instead of cringing when they walk in.


Your Personal Needs

Maybe you want to sit in a warm bath after a long, stressful day at the office, or maybe you want a rainfall shower head to cover your entire body while showering? Think about the luxuries that are missing in your own bathroom and make a list of what your ideal bathroom would look like. Think about expanding the size of your mirror to see every angle of your body when preparing for a night out. Consider changing the surface material for your sink, floor or countertop to increase the visual aspects of your bathroom and increase the lifespan.


How else can you determine if you need a bathroom remodel? Let us know in the comments how you can improve your bathroom.