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Why Replace Countertops with Granite

granite countertops installedIs your countertop in need of an overhaul?

Is it stained, chipped or unstylish? Turn your countertops into something to brag about with a beautiful granite replacement. Increase the durability of your bathroom or kitchen countertops and stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood.

What are the benefits of replacing your countertops with granite?



Granite stone fits well with a wide range of decorations in your home. Granite develops into different patterns and colors, making it easy to match up with your current bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Granite looks great after installation. It adds a sleek, stylish look that makes visitors stop and think about turning their own countertops into granite. Granite is a timeless choice that never goes out of style. If you plan on changing the painting, fixtures or furniture in your home you do not have to worry about switching out your countertops everytime.

The main reason people choose granite countertops is because they look beautiful in a home. It pulls together a room and provides a piece of art for the entire family to enjoy.



The second primary reason to switch to granite countertops is for the strength and durability. Granite is known for lasting a long time and holding its value when you plan on selling your home. Granite is a hard stone that prevents scratches and stains when working in the kitchen. It is resistant to water damage when people wash their hands in the bathroom or spill water in the kitchen. Granite is also perfect for working with hot pots and pans. If you place a hot pan on the granite it does not leave a mark or burn the surface, like it would for a wood or plastic countertop. Keep your countertop for a long time and do not worry about damges that cause you more financial strain.


Multiple Uses

Granite countertop owners enjoy the versatility that the stone provides. Homeowners use their counter tops for various different activities, making it important to find a countertop that does not get damaged or hinder the effectiveness of those activities. Granite countertops work well for rolling dough and chopping food. Granite does not scratch easily, so you can use knives directly on the counter. Granite also works as a non-stick surface, leaving minimal residue from dough and other sticky food items. If you plan on completing an arts and crafts project you do not have to worry about damaging your granite countertop. Glue scrapes off easily, and small items slide right off. The cool surface ensures that anything can be scraped off. The smooth surface makes sure that you are able to move items around and slide them off the counter.

Let us know in the comments about your experience with granite countertops. Do you have any questions about purchasing a granite countertop?

  • Hill Jeffrey

    Yes switching your countertop to granite makes your kitchen show much nicer and makes your home more desirable to buy. if the granite is a part of a kitchen overhaul that is one thing, but if the granite is added to outdated cabinets and other elements, it can be a bit of a wasted effort.