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Should I Remodel My Kitchen or Bathroom First?

choose one or the other decisionDo you plan on remodeling certain parts of your home in the near future?

Remodeling your home takes an extraordinary amount of time, money and effort.

One of the most difficult questions to answer before deciding on a remodeling job is to choose which room of the house to remodel first. Most people focus on the bathrooms and kitchen because these rooms are frequently used throughout the day. Guests and residents need to feel comfortable in those rooms in order to live happy lives.

That poses the question: should you remodel your kitchen or bathroom first?

Ask yourself these questions to help decide on the right answer.


Which room is used most frequently?

Both bathrooms and kitchens are used on a daily basis, but considering the use of your bathroom helps you figure out this dilemma. Some bathrooms in your house are used less frequently than others. If your primary bathroom is already finished and you are deciding on a secondary bathroom and the kitchen, always choose the kitchen. If you are a family that eats out frequently, think about remodeling the kitchen since you do not use it all that often anyway. Who knows, when you finish your kitchen you might start eating out less.


Do you only have one bathroom?

If you only have one bathroom you should remodel it as soon as possible. Figure out a span of time where a contractor is able to come into your house when everyone is at work or school. This allows the family to use bathrooms outside of the house when the work is being completed. If you leave the bathroom to remodel after your kitchen you may run out of money after the kitchen and have to live with a broken or unstylish bathroom for an extended period of time. Get your bathroom remodeled quickly and then think about moving onto the kitchen.


Which one do you take more pride in?

If you love to cook a delicious homemade meal on a steaming skillet or in the oven, get your kitchen remodeled before your bathroom. Various families take pride in their meals and enjoy time together because of the meals they eat together that come from the kitchen. Kitchens also work well for working together to make meals. If you enjoy reading magazines or catching up on your favorite spy thriller while sitting on the toilet, consider remodeling your bathroom before you start with your kitchen. Another great question to ask is when you have guests over, are they more prone to be in the kitchen or in the bathroom? Party guests go to the bathroom frequently, but a party that contains food and wine may shift to the kitchen at times.


Let us know in the comments what your experience is with bathroom and kitchen remodeling decisions. Would you choose to remodel your bathroom or kitchen first?