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Install A Traditional or Contemporary Kitchen?

newly remodeled kitchenWhen it comes time to remodel your home, sometimes the most daunting step will be figuring out what style you want to go with. If you are like most homeowners, you probably only know that your house needs a little updating. What that update should actually be, might be a little bit of a challenge however.

Kitchens are an especially frustrating topic when it comes to remodeling. Unless you are a gourmet chef, you probably are not thinking about refrigerators and stoves. There is a reason why appliance companies need to advertise- it is because most people do not care enough to research what they are going to use in their kitchens. So, if most people don’t think about it, how can anyone expect to know what to do?

One of the first things to decide upon when remodeling a kitchen is whether you would like to have a traditional or a contemporary design. What are the differences? Well, a traditional kitchen design is based on the standard that fits the average homeowner. The traditional kitchen will have the stove and the oven, the fridge and the sink, and a decent amount of counter space to make it work. There may be some cabinets for storing a few dishes, and some drawers for the knick knacks, but don’t expect to be amazed by what you may see in a traditional kitchen.

A traditional kitchen is based on function. It is simple, easy to use and not very customized. One benefit to the traditional kitchen is that it is fairly easy to sell. There is almost hardly any personality in a traditional kitchen, so it is easy to see how it would appeal to any homebuyer.

But is that your purpose for remodeling your home? Are you envisioning a kitchen of standard appeal?

I didn’t think so.

A contemporary design by contrast, can lead to a kitchen that is not only functional, but also beautiful. Imagine having a kitchen that you want to spend time in. Imagine going into a kitchen that inspires you to cook, or maybe even eat. A contemporary kitchen leaves room for the imagination. With all of the options in appliances, countertops, cabinets and floors, kitchens do not have to be traditional. They can be anything you can dream up. Perhaps, the best part about a contemporary kitchen is the fact that you are not required to design a kitchen around the average homeowner- you can design a kitchen around you.

If you are truly thinking about remodeling your home into something that you love, you cannot overlook the impact of a contemporary kitchen. When you are ready to have your dream kitchen, hire a designer, or pull out your sketchbook and get cooking!