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San Antonio Marble Countertops

marble quarry stone manufactureCreating marble countertops in San Antonio is a laborious project that requires extensive transportation and processing. Fashioning the stone into the designer countertops we desire requires expert and careful care.

Marble countertops are a desirable addition for any San Antonio kitchen remodeling project. They are attractive, long-lasting, and quite functional for any kitchen. Unlike traditional countertops, marble is extremely thick and less likely to break as compared to laminate or glass countertops. Like glass however, they can be brought to a beautiful shine that brightens any kitchen.

Choose marble countertops when you want a beautiful shine, durable counter, and artistic look.

Marble countertops do not come from earth in the shape of counters. Manufacturers must purchase large chunks of marble and have it transported to them before it begins to look like anything that you would put in your kitchen. These gigantic pieces of rock are very fragile and can shatter or break in transport. In order to prevent that, the slabs are packed tightly with rubber foam to cushion the ride.

These large chunks are too large to be handled by any group of workers. NHouse Design & Build uses large cranes to move the gigantic rock pieces off of the truck and into our factory. Multiple workers are required to supervise this process as the rock is carefully loaded and unloaded from quarry to factory.

Cutting the Stone

These large stones are hardly ever anything that the factory can work with. That is why it is necessary to cut the stone before anything else can be done. Computerized precision saws cut the marble chunks into gigantic slabs. The slabs that are not cut down into tiles are used for solid marble countertops. Some countertops are even created out of tiles

Finishing the Countertop

After the granite has been cut and blasted, it must be finished for that familiar smoothness and shine. Using a decreasing coarseness of sandpaper, the tiles are buffed and polished.  When it is finished, the granite has been polished so much that it gives off a mirror like appearance. Specialized designs in the marble are handcrafted by expert masons.

Marble countertops are a beautiful addition for any kitchen, and NHouse Design & Build makes sure we take the absolute best care of our marble countertop slabs.