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Comparing Store-Bought and Custom Built Cabinets

kitchen cabinetsHave you been thinking about re-doing your kitchen? You should probably start with your cabinets. Cabinets are a large part of any kitchen. They are decorative as well as functional. They can easily make a kitchen seem inviting or professional. They help small kitchens suddenly grow more space. Because of the importance of cabinets, it is really easy to see how they can transform it. The biggest question for many homeowners is whether or not they should purchase store bought cabinets or custom cabinets.

Custom cabinets give you the chance to create a cabinet that is exactly the way you like it. Do you have an unusually shaped kitchen or even house- no problem! A custom cabinet can be designed to fit whatever dimensions you have. This can be extremely useful if you have a small kitchen. Store bought cabinets may be too wide or even too tall to fit into your space. You may be told that you need to purchase kitchen furniture or use a pantry.

Don’t let your non –traditional scenario make you give up on your cabinet dreams! A simple custom cabinet can fix your problem of space and make your kitchen easier to use.

Store bought cabinets by comparison offer a quick an often cost effective solution for homeowners that need cabinets and have a kitchen that can easily support them. Now before you think that store bought cabinets don’t offer any customization that is simply not the case. Many store bought cabinets come in a large variety of colors and sizes to fit many kitchens.

Here are some more differences between store bought and custom cabinets:

Store Bought

Store bought cabinets provide a quick and easy solution to purchasing cabinets. Many are made out of pressed wood or wood products, but there are also high quality solid wood cabinets available for those willing to pay the extra dollars. Store bought cabinets now come in a large variety of designs and shapes, and can fit the needs of most kitchens.


Custom cabinets typically feature higher quality materials, that you can expect to pay for. They are frequently made out of solid wood, rather than particle board and can be designed in multiple shapes. Although they are typically priced more than store bought cabinets, some areas can find custom cabinets that are priced comparably to what could be found in the stores.

Regardless of whether you choose store bought cabinets or custom cabinets, your cabinets won’t be a boring slab of wood- that is unless you want it to be. Cabinet designers make intricate designs for both custom and pre-made clients, so boring should never be a concern.  Once you have determined what your kitchen needs, get out there and buy your cabinets- no matter how they were made.