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Benefits of 3d Rendering In Design & Remodeling

cad-drawingAre you planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom in the near future?

Do you have question on how to get started and what design company to choose from?

Consider deciding on a company that provides 3D renderings of their work, to help you visualize what the final product will end up looking like.

Home and office design companies often provide showrooms and portfolios, but 3D renderings services offer something that none of these options can provide.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of 3D renderings to help you decide on your remodeling design firm.


Customization is Key

When you walk through a showroom or look at portfolio designs it tells you nothing about what your customized job is going to look like. A showroom gives you ideas and shows you how competent the company is, but it neglects that fact that most customers want something specifically designed for them.

3D renderings provide that luxury. The company quickly creates a mock up of what you want in your home or office and they can even send it to you through email or other forms of communication. Share the renderings with family and friends to make it easier to decide.


See How Pieces Fit Together

A flat piece of paper doesn’t show you how large the room is. It also doesn’t show how different components of the room fit together. If you want a tub, sink and cabinet in your bathroom, how can you tell how much room is between these pieces if you’re only given a flat image? 3D renderings offer the ability to move around and view the size of each component. Picture yourself walking through the room and doing everyday tasks.


Have a Reference When the Job Actually Starts

Once a project starts can you remember exactly how everything is supposed to look? 3D renderings are a way to keep up with the design team and make suggestions along the way. If something doesn’t seem right you can always refer to the original 3D renderings and point the differences out to the team. It’s instant proof that the initial vision is not the same as the current design. This is helpful to make sure you get the most bang out of your buck. Imagine if a team of designers came into your office and completely messed up the job. Without 3D renderings you have no way to prove that the company strayed from the original design. Save yourself time and frustration by hiring a company that offers 3D renderings.



What do you think about 3D renderings? Have you ever asked a company to build 3D renderings before you commit to a redesign job? How did it turn out? Let everyone know in the comments section.