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10 Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

You do not need to be a gourmet chef to need a kitchen remodel. Here are 10 good reasons why it may be time to remodel the kitchen.

kitchen remodeling project1.       The manufactured date on the appliances have been scratched off

If your appliances are so old that you can no longer read the labels, it may be time to replace them. Old appliances may start to fail or may even be an electrical hazard..

2.       The counters are multicolored and they used to be white

Counters that have been spilled on, cut on, or otherwise damaged, will start to take on a new look that often is not pretty. Consider replacing old countertops with new non-porous materials.

3.       The cabinets don’t close

Old and damaged hinges, bad paint jobs and wear and tear can cause cabinets to no longer close correctly. When this starts to happen in your kitchen, it is time to consider replacement rather than repair.

4.       The appliance I want won’t fit

Older kitchens are sized for older appliances. If you are looking forward to a new large or small appliance, you may find that you will need to remodel the entire kitchen.

5.       The floor is damaged

The kitchen is often a well used room, and the floors can show it. A kitchen floor that does not shine, no matter how often you mop it, may be ready for a replacement. .

6.       There is never any counter space

Lack of counter space is often the first sign that you have outgrown your kitchen.  Remodeling the kitchen to add an island or more cabinets is often a solution to this problem.

7.       Where am I supposed to put my pots?

Home chefs quickly find that pot storage can be a tricky scenario. Pots are often quite large and take up lots of space in the cabinets. A hanging pot rack, not only is an attractive addition to any kitchen, but it is also quite useful.

8.       Cleaning the oven/stove is a pain.

There are lots of self and easy cleaning options in ovens and stoves. If you find yourself spending too much time cleaning your oven or stove, it may be time to get one of those models.

9.       I want more space for entertaining.

A kitchen does not have to only be a place to cook in. Remodel your kitchen to something warm spacious and inviting. .

10.   It’s time for something new

You don’t always need a good reason to remodel your kitchen. Simply because you want to is reason enough. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, you should love it!